Build your new knife.




This Time it’s Personal!

We’re all different and we all like different things, colours, styles, materials, the list is almost endless. This is no different with knives. I  provide a service where you can tailor your own hand made knife to your specifications so you end up with something unique. Below I’ll briefly go through some of the many options available to you when designing your personal knife.

**Note** Not all options will be available or appropriate on all knives but, if you’re in any doubt as to how it will look or perform, please contact me to discuss your ideas. Dean


I use O1 tool steel and 1075+CR for the majority of my knife making as they are both excellent carbon steels that hold a great edge and are easy to sharpen in the field. There are different thicknesses of steel that you can go for.

2 and 3 mm steel is used for the majority of builds as it provides a strong workable blade that’s not too heavy to use.

4 mm steel can be used on most blade designs and is noted as “HD” on the individual knife pages.

5 mm is available on a few designs but, be aware this makes for a very heavy tool and can restrict more delicate work

Being carbon steel, it will need oiling regularly and keeping dry when not in use. My blades are cut with a “Scandie” grind and so are easy to sharpen on water stones. I recommend stropping on leather before and after use to keep the blade in top condition. There are many really good youtube videos on how to care for carbon steel blades.

Scales & liners

This is where you can get really creative!! The scales or handles can be supplied in different materials such as; traditional wood, exotic hardwood, stablised wood and the amazing Kirinite acrylic with it’s huge range of incredible colours.

If you have a particular wood that you would like to have on your knife, please contact me.


An amazing man made material that’s tough and grips very well in the wet. Perfect for knives that are going to be used in fieldsports because it’s fluid proof and will prevent contamination. Some of the colours available including Toxic Orange (Blaze Orange for hunting) are shown below but, many more are available so please contact me for more options.


I use G10 liners. They are the thin strips of material that fit between the knife tang and the scales. Again they are available in a wide variety of colours including black, olive green, bright green, white, orange, blue and red. They are included in the price of the knife but, if you want something useful and a little different, why not go for luminous liners that glow in the dark and help you find your knife if dropped or put down?


Special spine effects

Some knives can have a wavy edge design ground into the spine to produce an eye catching result. The G-Flex epoxy is dyed with a special pigment to produce the effect. This can be added for as little as £10.00. Seen below on the Chital Bushcrafter.

Pins & Tubes

I use brass and stainless steel pins to hold the scales onto most of my knives. Sometimes I have mosaic pins available which can look fabulous on wooden handled knives. Lanyard tubes are included on some knives.

Electro Etching

A very popular feature is to have a name, logo or image etched onto the blade. This has many advantages because it makes it more of a personal item and has the added benefit of making it less likely to get stolen. The etch is permanent and can only be removed by grinding it out of the steel.  From as little as £5.00, you can make your knife just a little bit more special. Contact me for possibilities.


All of my knives come with a hand made leather sheath made from 3 or 4 mm  veg tan stock. In some cases you can chose the colour of your sheath and the colour of the stitching used to hold it together.

A “Nordic” style belt dangler can be included for an extra £5.00. They’re really useful for wearing the knife when you are using a vehicle. The dangler allows the knife to swing away from your body when sitting in the Land Rover without the pommel being uncomfortably pressed to your body. It is held onto the sheath with press studs that fit around the D ring on the belt loop so can be removed at any time.


Please note that there is a 4 – 6 week build time on each knife due to the many processes involved in producing something unique like this. This time may be significantly reduced if I have all the required materials in stock at the time of ordering.

Many thanks for your understanding,