The Kudu.

The Kudu is a medium sized skinner, a little larger than it’s smaller brother, the Sable knife.  With an overall length of 20.5 cms and a blade length of 9 cms, the Kudu will make easy work of rabbits and other small to medium size game and the handle shape gives you complete control when working in delicate areas.  Only available in 3 mm steel.


  • Kudu with wooden scales and leather sheath £140.00
  • Kirinite/stablised wood scales + £10.00
  • Luminous liners + £10.00
  • Nordic leather belt dangler + £5.00
  • Personalised blade + £5.00

Examples of the Kudu skinner

Kudu fitted with stablised Zebrano wood scales and green liners

Kudu competition prize for the group,” Ferreting, it’s our way of life”

Personalised Kudu with Mexican Bocote wooden scales