The Rob Collins Knife.

Inspired by the living West Country legend  Rob Collins, the leader of “Pass it on Young Sports”. A brilliant youth organisation dedicated to helping young people discover the secrets of country ways and how to look after this beautiful resource for generations to come.

Rob is also a Gamekeeper, Pest Controller, successful Author and Chef. His enthusiasm about the British countryside is infectious and the knowledge of, “The Ole Hedge Creeper” knows no bounds, so I was honoured when he approached me to make his Signature blade.

The ADG  Collins knife is a slight variant of the Elk, Hunting, Camping and Bushcrft knife. It is made from 3mm O1 tool steel and comes with Walnut scales, black liners and brass pins + lanyard tube. To make sure there is no confusion between this and any other, the blade is exclusively etched with Rob’s image on one side and his signature title, “The Ole Hedge Creeper”, on the other flat. A custom leather sheath is included in the price. A personal name can also be added if required.


  • All RC knives are supplied with Walnut scales and brass pins : £160.00* + Postage.
  • Leather sheath included
  • Nordic style belt dangler + £5.00
  • Personalised etching : +£5.00

*Please note that in order to keep the integrity of the Collins knife, it will only be supplied in 3mm steel with brass pins and walnut scales. If you like this design but, want different scales and without the RC etching, have a look at the Elk knife.


Two Collins knives ready to be sent out.

Rob’s own knife being put to work in the woods.

Another ADG Collins knife finished and ready to go to it’s new home