The Sika.


The Sika is a medium sized gralloching knife but, can also be used as a slim Bushcraft and food prep knife. As it’s main use is for fieldsports, the scales are available in hard/stabilised wood and Kirinite resin to prevent fluid contamination. There is no lanyard tube on this knife. If you wish to have the Sika with other wooden scales, this is no problem but, not recommended for food prep or gralloching deer.

Overall length: 22.5 cm  Blade length: 10 cm


  • Standard Sika – 3mm, Wooden scales, brass or SS pins – £160.00
  • Kirinite/Stabilised wooden scales + £10.00
  • Mosiac pins + £10.00
  • Personalised etching on the blade + £5.00
  • Leather sheath included
  • Nordic style belt dangler + £5.00

Some past examples of Sika builds

A Custom Sika with dog’s head etching and “Black Pearl” Kirinite scales

Sika fitted with “Black Lava” Kirinite scales

Personalised Sika with African Blackwood scales and brass pins

Sika fitted with “Jungle Cammo” Kirinite scales