The Specials.


The “Specials” quite simply are knives/cleavers that have been commissioned by customers that are looking for something a little different. Occasionally the design gains interest from other people and I decide to include them in my main range.  It is also where I display knives that have special finishes or built using different materials.

The Nyala

The Nyala is a small field cleaver that is just as much at home in the kitchen as it is out in the field. It’s based on the classic “Boat knife” design and can be finished in a darkened rock pattern on the blade and spine.


  • Nyala with wooden scales, leather sheath £160.00
  • Kirinite scales + £10.00
  • Belt Dangler + £5.00
  • Mosaic pins + £10.00

The Serbian Cleaver

The Serbian Cleaver is a large kitchen knife and comes complete with a heavy duty leather sheath. It’s also available with a textured and darkened blade.


  • Serbian Cleaver with wooden scales and leather sheath £170.00 
  • Kirinite scales + £10.00
  • Liners are not fitted to this knife