The Chital

Introducing The Chital is a medium sized Bushcraft/Survival knife, a new design for 2021

With an overall length of 22.5cm The Chital has a blade length of 11cm. The blade depth is a hefty 4cm at the ricasso making it super strong and capable of battoning through medium timber. Available in both wooden and Kirinite scales, they are held in place by 8 mm tubes as opposed to pins to enable the knife to be attached to a pole with cordage so it can be used to spear fish. Supplied with a custom made leather sheath, the Chital is ready to work with you when you’re out and about in the wild.

Only available in 3 mm steel.


Blade 11cm       Overall 22.5cm

Basic Cost

  • Chital fitted with wooden scales and leather sheath: £160.00
  • Kirinite Scales( Many colour combinations are available) + £10.00
  • Luminous Liners + £10.00 
  • Wavy spine design + £10.00
  • Personalised etching + £5.00
  • Nordic style leather belt dangler + £5.00

Examples of the Chital

Chital with Beautiful “Bengal Tiger” Kirinite scales

This example below shows a Chital fitted with Black & Pearl Kirinite scales and a wavy edge cut into the knife spine, sealed with black G-Flex epoxy and black G10 liners