The Eland.

The Eland is a more dedicated “Bushcraft” version of the Moose hide building knife with a straighter and slightly longer blade. 

With an overall length of 26.5 cms and blade of 13.5 cms it will easily cope with tasks around camp and tough enough to batton through timber when preparing a fire. A great larger general purpose blade.

Blade13.5cm                                    Overall 26.5cm


  • Eland in 3 mm steel, wooden scales and leather sheath £175.00
  • Eland HD made from 4 mm steel as above £185.00
  • Eland Super HD from 5 mm steel as above £195.00
  • Kirinite scales + £10.00
  • Luminous liners + £10.00
  • Nordic style belt dangler + £5.00
  • Personalized etching + £5.00

Some examples of the Eland

Eland fitted with “Royal Pearl” Kirinite scales and luminous liners

Eland with “Toxic Orange” Kirinite scales and luminous liners

Andy’s Eland well at home and earning it’s keep at a bushcraft camp


The Eland is very capable of battoning through larger logs