The Fallow.

The Fallow is a traditionally shaped Bushcraft knife made famous by explorers and survival experts, Ray Mears and Lars Falt

Overall length 23 cms with a blade length of 10 cms, the Fallow is really at home in the woods around the camp site. You’ll find it just the job for all the tasks needed when bushcrafting.

Blade 10cm       Overall 23cm


  • Fallow in 3 mm steel with wooden scales and leather sheath £160.00
  • Fallow HD in 4 mm steel as above £170.00
  • Kirinite sales + £10.00
  • Luminous liners + £10.00
  • Nordic style belt dangler + £5.00
  • Personalised etching + £5.00

Examples of the Fallow

Fallow fitted with stablised Burl Poplar scales with red liners

Fallow fitted with Olive wood scales and red G-10 liners