The Impala

The Impala was designed by Trevor Limb, professional deer manager, stalker and owner of Total Fieldsports. It completes the range of three gralloching knives that also include the large Deer Hunter and the medium sized Sika. With an overall length of 18.5 cms and blade length of 7.5 cms. It’s slender handle and blade make it perfect for the smaller species of deer and for the more delicate dressing work.

For the non deer stalkers, it’s also a very handy small pack knife and useful for the gardeners too.


  • Impala with basic wooden scales and leather sheath £ 135.00
  • Kirinite/stablised wood scales + £10.00
  • Luminous liners + £10.00
  • Nordic style leather belt dangler + £5.00
  • Personalised etching + £5.00

Examples of the Impala

Showing the slender lines of the Impala fitted with “Toxic Green” Kirinite scales.