The Muirneag

The Muirneag is named after the highest point in the Northern region on the Isle of Lewis, off the Scottish coast. Designed with the help of Lewis resident, Graeme Nicholson who was looking for a knife that suited his work and a general purpose field knife.

Available in 3mm or 4mm steel. Overall length: 23 cm. Blade: 11 cm.

The Muirneag has hand cut jimping on the spine for a thumb grip to aid control of the blade.

Basic Costs…

  • Standard Muirneag – 3mm, wooden scales, solid brass or SS pins – £160.00
  • Muirneag HD – 4mm, wooden scales, solid brass or SS pins – £170.00
  • Kirinite scales  + £10.00
  • Mosaic pins + £10.00
  • Personalised (etched name or logo on blade) + £5.00
  • Leather sheath included in the price
  • Nordic style belt dangler + £5.00


Examples of the Muirneag Field Knife

The Muirneag on the Isle of Lewis

The set is complete

Here fitted with “Oyster” Kirinite scales

And “Stormtrooper” Kirinite scales